Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dam i thought I was swaggerless

I thought I was swagger less until I seen these dudes.Down south sure does breed some weird ass dudes I remember when I was living down south I seen some of the weirdest characters that I had ever seen in my life. I'm not even a dude who is big on fashion I've got to be the corniest negro in Connecticut. Peep how these 2 dudes trying to freestyle look awkward as hell especially the one on the left. Why I his eyes getting all big. I honestly had to look away I couldn't handle seeing these guy look dumb on T.V. even if it was just a local station. This wasn't cool Who ever put this online is grimy. The funny thing about it is they probably still date more women a than me because women down south mess still mess with funny looking dudes like that and I ain't mad at them but I wish women in Connecticut was as easy as women where these boys are from.

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