Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi Everyone

Today I had a bad day it started out with a female that I really liked telling me never to text her phone again. The funny thing is I hardly ever talk to her she use to be the one calling me and text messaging me everyday and it bummed me out because I liked her but I would just be busy with other things such as blogging. She use to call me every night and expect me to text her throughout the day and I have to put my financial status before everything.The funny thing is in the small amount of time that we were talking she never asked me about my job. Thank god I just got fired last month. That's why I blog for the money and to be financially stable. I met her on She was from Texas and she had the same zodiac sign as me. now don't get it twisted I know if I was down there I could have had good sex with her but even if I was down in Texas with her but she was worth more to me then that. I seem to be cursed when it comes to keeping girls interested long enough to keep a relationship. The funny thing is I never look to fall in love. I just look for an easy girl to sew my oats with and instead of finding a female to have meaningless sex with I always find a girl that I fall for. I can't ever keep any women I mess with interested she even called me boring and perhaps I was boring to her. You know it's easier to talk to one of your home boys than to a girl. Another thing that was messed up about her is that she wanted me to open up more but at the same time she would get mad at me for saying random stuff but anyways I truly enjoyed getting to know her but it's amazing how similar she was to the last Virgo female I was talking to.

Another thing I got kind of mad about was when this person I tried to ad to my Booty Call list list turned out to be an advertiser for another dating web site but I'm not signing up for anymore.

I found this interesting Web Site this morning you guys should check it out it's extremely old and I don't think it's been updated but just check it out

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