Sunday, May 20, 2012

Screw The Freddy Fixer day parade in New Haven

Apparently the Freddy Fixers day parade was today but who cares, the last time i went there  no women that were there would hardly give me the time of day. I got one phone number, some female i forgot her name but it never went any where. She mentioned me going to her prom with her, i think it was at Hill House but I'm not much of a party guy and i could already imagine what it would've been like. She would've had me go to the prom with her and probably would've spent most of the time with her girls. I use to try to get her to meet up but she wasn't trying to do that from what i remember. Well most likely there wasn't that many people at the parade because it has been dying down in the most recent years and i hope it does because nobody needs such an event where dudes go just to be seen and get into mischief while the females are trying to be seen by thugs and underground celebrities. The only people who i ever know that really came off good at the Parade are popular underground rappers that have came to visit but if you aren't a celebrity then trying to talk to women at this parade is pointless and useless. I'm ready to get out of this city that slaps the innocent in the face and rewards the popular.

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