Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Body wise just gave this email i hope that it will help you

The Booty Call

The booty call should be made on the same day you plan on getting with
her. The first option is to call right before you want to meet her.
The second option is to call ahead of time to schedule the meeting for
a later time.

To use the second option you need to have a good idea of what her
usual schedule is like and the best time and way of reaching her,
whether through cell or home line, so you don't get the answer
machine. However, it's always best to use the first option, calling
right before meeting.

Most of the calls should be at night, but if you're calling her for
the first time, the call should definitely be at night.

The majority of the booty calls need to be at her place. A good rule
of thumb is 3 to 1, average three meetings at her place for every one
meeting at your place. One reason for having them mainly at her place
is to make it the customary location.

Make sure you sleep over the first time you two have sex, whether it
was a booty call or not, and then apply the 2 to 1 sleepover rule when
developing a booty call relationship. You should average one sleepover
for every two times you don't sleepover.

Since emotional bonds are strengthened faster than they are weakened,
the 2 to 1 rule acts as the emotional bond stabilizer for the both of
you. If the bond gets too strong or too weak, it will jeopardize the
booty call relationship and it may be too late to remedy the situation.

When you call, depending on when you call and when you want to meet
her, ask if she is doing anything right now, tonight, or later on. If
it's the first call, talk for about 5 minutes before asking. If it's
not the first call, keep the talk under 3 minutes.

It doesn't matter whether she says yes, no, or anything else, the
purpose of the question is to prime her for the next question.

The next thing you should ask her is if you can come over to her
place. For example, "Let me come over "

If she doesn't answer immediately, say "Ok" or "Alright" in order to
elicit a similar response from her. She will either say ok or give you
an excuse. If the excuse is one that you think she would be able to
get around, then continue with your persuasion. But if the excuse is a
serious one, then it's best to say goodnight and call a few days later.

She also might ask why you want to come over, in this case say
something along the lines of, "I just want to see you for a little
while". If she's more of the flirty type, you can say, "Why do you think?"

Common excuses you might encounter:

* She is tired -- this excuse borders between one she can get around
and one she can't.

You'll have to play this one by ear and listen to her tone of voice.
If she doesn't sound tired, it's a safe bet to pressure her a bit more
with the, "I just want to see you for a little bit" line.

* She is going out that night -- tell her you'll come by after she
gets back, even if she won't be back until late at night. After all,
that's how the booty call got its reputation.

* She has to do some work (whether for school or her job) -- say
something similar to what you would if she says she's going out, say
you'll come by right after she's finished.

* She simply says she's busy or has to do something -- ask her what
she has to do, if it's an excuse she can get around, just say you'll
come by after she's finished with whatever she's doing or has to do.

If she keeps giving excuses for why she doesn't want to meet, then she
probably isn't interested in you and/or she doesn't feel like having
sex at the moment.

Keep in mind that some women are reluctant to saying yes right away,
especially if it's the first booty call, but if you work for it just a
little, they usually cave in to their desires.

Once a woman has experienced the relaxation that comes from no strings
attached sex after building up the tension throughout the day, she'll
be constantly craving sex without emotional baggage or pre-sex
courting and her booty will definitely be giving you calls when it's
'in need'.

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